Welcome to the GFWC Woman’s Club of Inverness, FL, Inc.

The Largest Women’s Volunteer Organization in the World

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Inverness is a charitable service-oriented 501(c)3 organization affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (www.GFWC.org) and GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs (www.GFWCFlorida.org). You are invited to see what can be achieved through a group of dedicated women.


Whether you are a long time resident or new to our community, the GFWC Woman’s Club of Inverness welcomes new members. There is something for all ages, talents and skills.It is a place to support your community and to grow personally.

Steps for Membership:

·Meet with Membership Chair and complete membership application.

·Membership Chair will present your application to Executive Board for approval.

·An initiation fee and yearly dues are required for all new members.

·Dues paid after March 30 will be paid in full until April 30 of the following year.

·Members may transfer from another GFWC club with Executive Board approval.

·All members have the right to vote and hold office.

Being an Inverness Woman’s Club member provides opportunities to be involved in your community but to also work with clubs in our district and the state organization, GFWC Florida where all members “Live the Volunteer Spirit”.

As a new member, you have unlimited opportunities to apply your skills, develop new ones and expand your leadership horizons. Beyond the immediate club events, you have the opportunity to work with other clubs in the District and at the state level through GFWC Florida. You are encouraged to explore both the GFWC Florida and GFWC website and particularly note GFWC’s new tagline “Living the Volunteer Spirit.”

Please explore our website to see wide variety of activities on-going at the Woman’s Club. If you are interested in becoming a member, please call our Membership Chair, Donna, at 352-249-0889.

“The best way not to feel hopeless or lonely is to get up and do something!”


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